About Us

Bonnie Prior and Company Band Boxes are made from Paper Màchê which are made to specifications. The papers that are used cover a wide era of time. Some are very old antique papers, some are new reproductions of antique papers and some are recent/retired papers. In addition, each band box is signed by Bonnie with the paper name and date, making them all collectible items.

The designs that are available on each band box or nest of band boxes is determined by the actual size of the band box, the pattern if the paper and the overall final appearance. A great deal of time had been spent on matching pattern with band box sized which results in the high quality of the final appearance.

When a pattern is retired, it is no longer available. It is not uncommon to come across a retired Bonnie Prior and Company Band Box from several years ago at antique shows around the region. These older retired band boxes do come with a significant selling price.

Our Biography

I have always admired and collected antiques. There is just something unique and fascinating about an item that is 100 or so years old. The worn, aged charm of each piece just seems to speak volumes about its past. One item that has always been of particular interest to me has been the bandbox. A bandbox was "a slight box used for bands and other things of light weight," wrote Dr. Samuel Johnson in his Dictionary of the English language (London; 1755). By 1855, bandboxes were no longer being made, having been replaced by heavier, reinforced luggage better able to withstand the rough handling at train depots and on stage coaches. Today, it is rare to find an original/authentic bandbox in fair to good condition. And if you should be fortunate enough to find one, be prepared to pay "dearly." In fact, the average price for a fair to good condition bandbox starts at approximately $2,500.00. Like most antique collectors, my home is decorated with primarily antiques. The only thing missing was a bandbox. But my search to collect bandboxes became increasingly frustrating. When I did finally find one, the price was so out of reach, I simply had to walk away. Still intrigued, I began studying the history and making of the bandbox. So fascinated by what I had learned, I decided to recreate them for myself. Over a period of several years, my technique improved. Friends, antique dealers and decorators began asking me to make bandboxes for them. My career was beginning to interfere with my ability to keep up with the many orders for bandboxes. The demand continued to grow……. and from there Bonnie Prior & Company was born.